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 +====== Convolution LSTM Network ======
 +https://​openreview.net/​pdf?​id=H1zJ-v5xl ​ QUASI-RECURRENT NEURAL NETWORKS
 + We
 +introduce quasi-recurrent neural networks (QRNNs), an approach to neural sequence
 +modeling that alternates convolutional layers, which apply in parallel
 +across timesteps, and a minimalist recurrent pooling function that applies in parallel
 +across channels. Despite lacking trainable recurrent layers, stacked QRNNs
 +have better predictive accuracy than stacked LSTMs of the same hidden size. Due
 +to their increased parallelism,​ they are up to 16 times faster at train and test time.
 +http://​arxiv.org/​pdf/​1606.05262v1.pdf ​ Convolutional Residual Memory Networks